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Its time to say goodbye to cheesy studio Grad photography, Canada needs to catch on to this personal

This gorgeous young lady with the laid back cheerful go with the flow disposition is from the U.S. I believe it is Seattle. Her mom came up with her and her family to visit grandparents in Vancouver and have her Grad photos done in Vancouver B.C. In the U.S. they can it Seniors Portraits. Seniors/Grads are allowed to select a photographer of their preference instead of the "stock photographer" chosen by the school and have an outdoor or on location photo shoot all about them. I just love the outcome of these shoots and am so tired of Artona's cheeseball studio Grad photos that are as antiquated in style as I am in age. Back in the 80's my sister's high school and many others used Artona. It's time for a CHANGE Vancouver. Try Rochelle Elise Photography or some other creative lifestyle photographer to give you something fresh, something modern, something beautiful.

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