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Meet Rochelle

"I am here to serve you and help you tell the story that is in your heart. "

Rochelle Elise Pianalto is a natural light photographer. In 2012, Rochelle began full time work as a child and family photographer. Prior to this, she worked part time as a photographer, ran a performing Arts School, producing, choreographing, and photographing many children and teen musicals. She has found many similarities between the art of theatre production and the Art of photography. And yes, you will hear her freely singing away to your young children during your session.

       Rochelle also has her degree in Psychology and spent many years working and interacting with adults and children with special needs. While working for Renfrew Educational Services in Calgary, she specialized in speech development and therapy for autism. This work has inspired her to see the tenacity and beauty of the human spirit in each person she photographs.

        She is a mother (to an 15 yr old boy), and Auntie to 6 gorgeous nieces and nephews; all of these miraculous children have been her daily inspiration and led her to a wonderful career.

A Note From Rochelle:

I am here to serve you and help you tell the story in your heart. I have a deep passion for children, photography and people, and will work with YOU to create something that is uniquely and beautifully YOU. There are so many times I have thought after doing a shoot: "I wish I had photos like this of myself with my mom, or grandmother or sister".

It is from this place that YOU inspire me.

My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.  

~Maya Angelou

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